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Track Name: I Dare You to Say That I Don't Care
I want to wake from a dream that
Has a different ending
Because you know I've
Lived this nightmare twice before and

I sat there swearing
That I loved you
To all my friends and your friends, too
You sat there bragging, while I played the fool

And I said we belong here
While you said that I don't care
I guess that was a lie because
Two betrayed me while

I swore that I loved you
You said I could never want you
But it takes two to lie
And live so carelessly tonight

Swear that you're my friend
And I swear I smell a liar
You act like I'm so callous
As uneasiness causes you to perspire

Where were you as I stumbled
With our friends that night?
I guess sorry won't cut it
'Cause you never got that right

[Outro/Final Chorus]
You're so fictitious
Guess I'm just malicious
Guess I should be ashamed of
What you make me out to be

We smell a liar
Revenge, you do desire
Happy now, someday
They'll all know the actuality
Track Name: Something More
I've been sitting here
Wishing for
The words to come out right
Before we disappear

I've got just one question:
Are you ready
To start your life again?
'Cause I'm wanting

I said more

Because Summer's here
And our friends will disappear
Sooner or later
And I know you will, too

Our lives will change
As we all age
And I will not be the one
You always knew

But that's okay

You're always holding on
To intangible pieces
That just aren't here anymore
I can't give you

I said more

Every little thing you said was a lie
And every note you swore would make you cry
And I just want to be alone from your

Shallow dreams are what motivate me to be
Something different in this whole grand scheme of this life we sought for
Tell me what you think, is this what we fought for?

Tell me what we are here to do
'Cause my life here is lost without you
Track Name: Cut, Print, It's a Wrap (NEW recording 6/22/11)
And let's start this again
I'll rewind the tape
Maybe see something I
Never even noticed before...Oh

And just tell me again
Why I even made this decision,
Incision here
And let's cut to the next frame

And you tell me again
Why all that you swore
By came from pages never
Crafted, constructed together?

Can you go
Can you even tell me what you
Thought of me all along?

And let's cut to the frame
Where I was happy once again
That went through the window
The moment you went and saw

Lies, lines surrounding me
These stories, they're what
Make you be you
It's all about you

Tell me why
Why I made this choice
And followed through
And why this sequence
Could even progress

If it were up to me
I would take this filmstrip,
Clip it up and
Walk away from this grave

This is my past
It's what makes me be me
It may hurt, it may scar
It may never even go away

Oh woah
Oh no
Just walk away

I will go
And walk through hell
And back to learn
Not to find more of you

And lets cut to the end.
Track Name: Home Is Where You Make It (NEW RECORDING 6/25)
Just fall in line
To this town's design
'Cause here in this suburban town

Is where you belong
Just grin and play along
Cause your life is here for good
Fall down in time, understood

Just cut you hair
And forget you
Those aren't your friends
Just mortal tools

Son, don't you wanna be popular
Like your father?
Don't you want to make us proud?

You'll play for the team
'Till your fingers bleed
Because I love you, so
Fitting in is what you'll know

You'll drone to the beat
This cycle shall repeat
Through generations
Still, my son, my life you shall fulfill

[Last Chorus]
Listen, please, to what I say
I swear upon this as I lay
I'll be who I am
I'll be okay

I love you father,
Mother, too
Please understand that I'm not you
Don't worry about me
I'm okay
Track Name: My Dream
I've been climbin' up mountains
And I know how these things go
Life comes toppling down when you scream

Cities burning to ashes
Planes fall into crashes
and I don't know why I feel this way


But I'll say
That you mean to me
The things you never say

And I know
In my heart
That these feelings are not
goin' away


When you think of the things that I said
Do they keep you awake in your bed?

The leaves, they are fallin'
The seasons are callin'
But I know you will runaway


But I'll say
That you mean to me
The things you never say

And I know
In my heart
That these feelings are not
goin' away
Track Name: Left in the Backseat
I feel left alone in the backseat
Only listening like a child
As you talk about the same things
That I can't understand
I gaze curiously, watch you raise you hands

And I wonder what you were thinking
Are we really going back
To the same old things
You used to say to me
With sorrow, carefully


And honestly, if I could just say
I wish that we wrote this down
I might not be sitting back here
Waiting, just come back around

Can you believe this happened
Yeah you tore up the coffin

And I
Can't believe how beautiful
All the words, the momentum showed

I can't believe I let it show

And it's all about the exposure
Take a seat and just relax
And maybe we'll see it all
Just melt into the ground
Your heart's heavy, let it drown

Your head is steady, I'm the backseat driver
Just a quick incision here
And you are ready to go
I just can't seem to understand
How this happened, but you ended it

You don't
(Here we are)
(Here we go again)